Presidency offered to recover the chats with ex-custodian Astesiano

Presidency offered to recover the chats with ex-custodian Astesiano

Javier Benech, the person in charge of communication for the National Prosecutor’s Office, informed the media that, according to the expressions of the prosecutor Gabriela Fossati, “the non-use (in the case) of the chats between the president and Astesiano started from a bad communication from intermediaries, particularly intelligence personnel who were there on the night of the arrest. Fosatti tells me that this is resolved by an offer from the Presidency itself.

He also explained “the elements are made available voluntarily and they will try to recover what can be recovered from that communication that occurred.” The spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office said on behalf of Fossati that: “in the face of some public demonstrations that have taken place, the prosecutor tells me that no one has a crown in the investigation.” “Those who are investigated are those who have elements to investigate. You cannot investigate a person from whom no element to investigate arises.

Through her Twitter account, the prosecutor pointed out that “I call for prudence, especially those who have an impact on public opinion. Senator Mario Bergara, like Senator Charles Carrera, were summoned on Thursday morning to attend the Prosecutor’s Office. Bergara canceled and Carrera postponed. They both know that an investigation has been launched.”

It should be remembered that both Mario Bergara and Charles Carrera appeared before the National Prosecutor’s Office last Thursday the 1st, in the company of also Senator Liliam Kechichian. On that day they filed a criminal complaint with the court prosecutor, Juan Gómez, with whom they held a meeting to inform him of the content of the document. In this regard, Benech also transmitted on behalf of Fossati that he “does not yet know the scope of the complaint filed by Carrera and Bergara”, and that once they appear to testify

Fossati added to his message that “talking about espionage with the information collected at the moment lacks foundations. Let the Prosecutor’s Office in charge of the case work. Nothing and no one will stop investigating. They are not helping to reach the truth when they try to impose a truth. We are all responsible for taking care of the system. All”.

On this issue, President Luis Lacalle Pou had referred to it before the press last Wednesday. «There was no agreement with the prosecutor, in fact I never spoke with the prosecutor, nor have I spoken before nor have I spoken now. I do know that the Minister of the Interior (Luis Alberto Heber) conveyed his concern about the confidentiality of private, family, personal, cell phone conversations, and, as the prosecutor said, it was accepted in such a way, “said the head of state .

Lacalle Pou, given the various information that had been emerging in recent days, told journalists that “it was not my request” – that the chats were not available to the Prosecutor’s Office or to the prosecutor Gabriela Fossati. “If tomorrow those chats were required, I imagine that a judge can request them,” she added to the media.

diplomatic bag

The controversy surrounding the entry into the country of a diplomatic bag addressed to President Luis Lacalle Pou continued on social networks. The deputy of the Broad Front, Gustavo Olmos, who made a request for information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE) in relation to the entry into the country of “a diplomatic bag” containing 454 kilos of fish, insisted yesterday that “the packages that that constitute the diplomatic bag must be provided with external signs indicating their character and may only contain diplomatic documents or objects for official use. Art. 27, Vienna Convention”. The one who answered him was the senator of the National Party, Sebastián da Silva: «Speaking of fish, the tararira is escaping. A serious man made him, to be so worried about a gift from a foreign president. Continuing in fishing terms, he will shortly be left as an old woman from the water for echoing such stupidity ».

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