Presidency of the Council of La Paz is in the hands of Rafael Quispe

Presidency of the Council of La Paz is in the hands of Rafael Quispe

councilor’s vote Lourdes Chambilla is decisive for the election of the new directive of the Municipal Council of La Paz, this authority belongs to the group of the ex-deputy, Rafael Quispe, who is accused of boycotting the formation of the new municipal directive.

“Pitifully the head of Somos Pueblo that is part of the alliance is Rafael Quispe, he must reflect again and be aware that it is necessary to work organically. The entire alliance, the councilors, have voted, it cannot be accepted that on a whim, a hidden interest, they distance themselves and prepare a municipal coup d’état”, said one of the councilors of the group that supports the mayor Iván Arias.

He denounced an attempt to strip him of power, although the law provides that the mayor or the main authorities of the Legislative must be from the party that won the elections. “#Urgent attention Municipal coup in process. Betrayal, buying and selling of consciences. Paceñas, people from La Paz want to steal what we have won at the polls,” Arias posted on his Twitter account.

The Municipal Council of La Paz must form the new directive that at this moment it is in the hands of Jorge Dulón and now they agreed that it should be Lucio Quispe Intimayta; however, councilwoman Lourdes Chambilla left the session and left the alliance of the mayor of La Paz without a majority.

Iván Arias acceded to the municipal chair product of the alliance of his group, “For the Common Good” and that of Rafael Quispe, “Somos Pueblo”. Between the two they add up to six of the 11 councilors that the municipality of La Paz has. Therefore they need all the votes to be a majority and Rafael “Tata” Quispe moved away from the alliance.

According to unofficial versions, Chambilla requested the presidency of the Municipal Council to support the majority, a request that was denied by the rest of his bench and the agreements were frustrated.

Now the council declared quarter intermission until tomorrow Wednesday and the councilors of Iván Arias, hope that Chambilla will accept the Institutional Management commission.

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