Premier Alberto Otárola responds to the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro: "Take care of your business"

Premier Alberto Otárola responds to the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro: “Take care of your business”

The President of the Council of Ministers, he responded tonight, through his social networks, to the president of Colombia, who, once again, spoke on internal issues in our country.

On his Twitter account, hours before, Petro wrote about the intervention of the National Police on the campus of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, where the participants from the regions of the so-called Toma de Lima march were.

“Raid universities. Shout Death to intelligence! The Permanent Council of the OAS must be summoned to examine the case of Peru”, commented the Colombian president.

Faced with this new interference by Gustavo Petro, Prime Minister Otárola responded in the same way. “Mind your business sir. . The OAS Permanent Council could also examine massacres that occurred during his administration. The last one in Putumayo. Govern for yours, assist the victims, improve your universities, ”he wrote.

Repeated interference in internal affairs of Peru

This is not the first time that Petro refers to internal political issues in Peru. After the coup perpetrated by questioned his arrest. On that occasion, he said that the crisis in Peru and the “capture without a judge and without defense of a popularly elected president” called into question the role of the American Convention in the Latin American legal system.

On that occasion, as on subsequent occasions, however, the Colombian president flagrantly omitted that it was Castillo who kicked the table and carried out a coup in Peru, also seeking to dissolve the Congress of the Republic and reorganize the system of administration of Justice.


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