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Preliminary hearing for “Papo” Morales and his girlfriend set for the eighteenth time

It will be the eighteenth time that it will try to carry out the diligence to find out if Morales and Ojeda will or will not face an oral trial for the crime of Robert Fabián Marín, which occurred on November 23, 2020 in the San Pablo neighborhood of Asunción.

Morales has been chicaning this diligence for more than a year and a half, changing lawyers, challenging the prosecutors and the judge. For this reason, “Papo” was already sanctioned, as was his lawyer, for being litigants in bad faith.

For this reason, no legal professional wants to represent Morales anymore and the judge appointed a public defense attorney to accompany him in the preliminary hearing.

Morales and Ojeda are accused of the crime of Robert Marín, which happened on public roads but a closed circuit recorded everything that happened and “Papo” Morales and his girlfriend are seen at the time the young man was murdered. In addition, the prosecutor’s office presented a mass of evidence that demonstrates how the events occurred and accuses Morales of being the murderer.

The entrance Preliminary hearing for “Papo” Morales and his girlfriend set for the eighteenth time was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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