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Precounts in the presidential elections on May 29 will have verification before being broadcast

Precounts in the presidential elections on May 29 will have verification before being broadcast

The recorder Alexander Vega confirmed that at the time of the pre-count, at the close of election day, “A double report of results will be made on the E-14 forms, that is to say, once the transmitters have finished the complete dictation of a table, they must verify said act in its entirety”.

He clarified that, “if indeed the information corresponds in both reports, the pre-count is transmitted. If there is no consistency between the first report and the verification, a third will be done. With this we are looking for the data to arrive correctly”said.

From the National Registry of Civil Status, It was also reported that from April 28 to May 27, political campaigns will be able to apply for electoral witnesses, ahead of the May 29, 2022 elections.

With regard to the voting juries, the period of application by political groups began on March 8 and ends on April 28.

Regarding the registration of electoral witnesses, the National Registry extended to one month the term for political groups to nominate the appointees who will be at the table.

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Said inscriptions are part of the agreement made between Alexander Vega, National Registrar of Civil Status, with political campaigns.

“It is not going to be 8 days for voting jurors and electoral witnesses to apply, we are going to give political campaigns a month to apply. The important thing is that the form of allocation will be changed and the experience in past electoral contests will be taken into account,” said Vega Rocha.

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The official reiterated that “all political parties will be able to have auditors in all the software, both in the voting juries and in the pre-count and scrutiny, in order to visualize in real time the progress of the electoral data processing”.

On the other hand, the National Registry will carry out simulations of the electoral data processing processes (precount), auxiliary or zonal, municipal, district and departmental ballots, digitalization of E-14, as well as the functionality test in consulates and scrutiny, as follows and on the following dates:

– Functionality test in consulates: May 5 and 6, 2022

– Pre-count drill: May 14, 2022

– E-14 digitization drill: May 18, 2022

– Mock vote count: May 20 and 21, 2022.

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