Precautionary measures were ordered against PN deputy, Alfonso Lereté, for assaulting an IMC official

Precautionary measures were ordered against PN deputy, Alfonso Lereté, for assaulting an IMC official

Photo: screenshot courtesy of FM San Ramón
Photo: screenshot courtesy of FM San Ramón

The Family Court ordered perimeter measures against the deputy of the National Party, Alfonso Leretéin favor of an official of the Municipal Government of Canelones (IMC) who denounced him for physical aggression.

The events occurred on June 29, when an altercation between Leteré and the official was recorded in a public hearing between neighbors and departmental authorities at the Parque del Plata sports club. The latter narrated in a police report that she “corrected” him in something she said and the legislator told her to “keep your mouth shut”; Immediately afterwards, he pushed her and several people interceded so that the event did not happen to majors, according to testimonies of eyewitnesses.

For his part, Lereté assures that the events were different and that he only opened his arms “as if he were Christ” while talking to another person. “It seems that he was the devil, it seems that I am to blame for everything,” he commented jokingly. Then, says the legislator, the official would have told him: “It happens that nobody loves you” and there he told him to calm down so as “not to generate more spark in a situation that is quite tense”, according to the newspaper The country.

For its part, the IMC also filed a complaint requesting precautionary measures, and the Family Judge, Soledad Nin, ordered the restriction of physical approach in protection of women.

“We do it in all cases where an official has some kind of conflict or their physical integrity is at risk. We filed the complaint and requested precautionary measures that the judge decreed,” Nohelia Millán, head of Gender and Equity of the IMC, told Underlined.

With these measures, the nationalist legislator will not be able to approach the complainant within 500 meters and will not be able to communicate with her for 180 days. “The complaint made by the official at the specialized police station in Parque del Plata (…) will accompany us as we always accompany,” explained the prosecutor of the 2nd Shift of Atlántica, Eliana Travers, who coordinates the case.

“We are very concerned because these things cannot happen to us, much less in public spaces and that our representatives are expected to be models,” added the lawyer.

Precautionary measures were ordered against PN deputy, Alfonso Lereté, for assaulting an IMC official

They denounce that PN deputy, Alfonso Lereté, attacked an official of the Canelones Intendancy

The woman filed the complaint in Parque del Plata, but Lereté affirms that it was he who almost…

Lereté denounced other people

Lereté also filed complaints against two municipal directors, a secretary and an MPP leader for events that allegedly occurred in the same hearing. “At a certain point in the public hearing there, the last person who was speaking turned to me and at a certain point the public official turned around and verbally assaulted me,” the deputy told Underlined.

“I bow with my hands at the height of my torso and please convey calm. As I lean in, I see a horde of general directors, members of the Broad Front coming towards me. Many verbally attacked me, a councilor from the National Party intervened to prevent the verbal aggression from becoming physical, but there was one of the directors of the administration, the director (Pedro) Irigon, who unfortunately ended up with a physical aggression against me, “he added. to the same portal.

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