Pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic for the concertation hold meetings

Pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic for the concertation hold meetings

Pre-candidates for the presidency of the Republic for the concertation met this Thursday to discuss the points that unite them, with the aim of building the winning alternative, with a view to the internal elections next December.⁣

The meeting was held at the initiative of Martín Burt, candidate for President of the Republic for the PLRA, and was also attended by Deputy Sebastián Villarejo, candidate for the Patria Querida Party; the deputy, Kattya González, pre-candidate for president for the National Encounter Party; the Governor of the Department of Cordillera, Hugo Fleitas, also a candidate for president for the PLRA; and Soledad Núñez, independent candidate.⁣

In addition, the pre-candidates, Esperanza Martínez, Payo Cubas, Efraín Alegre and Euclides Acevedo, who could not attend due to previous commitments, were invited.
Martín Burt highlighted the openness of the candidates and celebrated that they all have the conviction to achieve a change of government, which has as its primary axis the needs of all Paraguayans.

“Citizens expect seriousness from their political class and ask for unity. Together we can achieve that country of opportunities that all the citizens who love this country want”, said Martín Burt.
For his part, Sebastián Villarejo pointed out that the meeting also served to discuss the elections. “We meet to seek fair elections, find the conditions that favor it; always with the will that unity is the way, and that it be the citizens who choose who is going to lead the opposition”, he referred.
Governor Hugo Fleitas also showed his satisfaction with the meeting. “I am happy with this meeting, in which we were able to exchange opinions among the pre-candidates, to forge the path of agreement”, he commented.
Deputy Kattya González pointed out that the path is construction through dialogue and that the candidates have the great challenge of being the articulators of projects and ideas. “This table of candidates that arises today must be consolidated, and we hope that all the people who intend to direct the destinies of this country will join, and in this way build virtuous strategic alliances that can serve Paraguay,” she pointed out.
Likewise, the National Chancellor, Euclides Acevedo, who resigns from his post tomorrow to dedicate himself to his candidacy, celebrated the call, although he was unable to participate. “I welcome the initiative of Martín Burt to convene the presidential candidates to study the mechanisms most conducive to a programmatic unit,” he said.

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