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November 29, 2022
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Pre-candidates for free application pronounce themselves at the headquarters of the Electoral Tribunal for irregularities in the signature process.

A group of pre-candidates for free application appeared on the morning of today, November 29, at the headquarters of the Electoral Tribunal to request that the irregularities and inconsistencies in the process of registering support signatures be stopped and the disadvantage that this represents with respect to the political parties.

In a joint statement, they consider that the Electoral Tribunal has participated as judge and party until now and will present legal actions to enforce their constitutional and legal rights, thus protecting the will of the voters.

For the pre-candidate for the Mayor of San Miguelito for free application, Irma Hernández, the application cannot yet be used and there is still no clear process for the audits of the firms “Today the 29th they begin the audit process accompanied by the Technological University They are going to do a raffle to call the pre-candidates in a random order and that we can attend to see what those videos are, what are the flaws, but we do not have clear criteria that tell us why the sanctions are given to the signatures and that is worrying ”

In a document made public to the media, they requested 5 specific points from the Electoral Tribunal:

1. Stop illegalities such as the “inactive” status of activists that is not enshrined in any electoral law.

2. The criteria and parameters that will be used to consider the signatures “cancellable” are made public, before the verification process begins with the participation of the pre-candidates.

3. The country should clarify the large number of cases of citizens who, when trying to support pre-candidates, are told that they must go to “update” their ID, even when the one they carry is valid.

4. The participation of the Electoral Delegates is activated in order to stop the crude clientelism that is observed.

5. The country be informed of the actions that the TE is taking to preserve confidentiality throughout the process of support by citizens for independent candidacies.

They also reported that they will present various legal resources on behalf of all the groups seeking an independent candidacy, because they consider that not only the country’s democracy is affected.

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