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PRD vice president criticizes deportations of Haitians

PRD vice president criticizes deportations of Haitians

The Vice President of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Fernando Ramírez, considered this Tuesday that President Luis Abinader “is trying to please nationalist egos” with the deportations massive of Haitianswithout this being the real problem facing the country.

“President Luis Abinader is focused on carrying out deportations massive immigrants Haitians in our country, trying to please the ego of a few nationalists, but really the problem is not the Haitians in this country, it is crime, it is citizen insecurity, that which takes away peace, stability and life from the Dominican people,” he said in a press release.

He exclaimed that “the dizziness” should stop and recommended that the Government consult the people to find out which issue is the one that worries them the most, the Haitian or crime.

“Here we live in a terrorist system. People don’t feel safe to go out. And those who govern us sacrifice the Dominican economy on secondary issues, instead of using that money and those lazy military personnel to attack crime,” he pointed out.

Ramírez, criticized that the State is using so many economic resources to deport Haitiansmobilizing the Armed Forces, Army, DNI and the National Police, where the highest priority is the crime that is engulfing Dominican society.

The political leader assured that the authorities, instead of using intelligence agencies on national security issues and in rescuing so many people who get lost daily in the city, are biased on trivial issues.

The also candidate for senator declared that the deportation should not be exclusive with the Haitiansbut also to send to their country the Venezuelans, Chinese, Colombians and other nationalities who walk through the streets of the Dominican Republic illegally.

“The Government is not doing anything to find so many Dominicans who are missing today, filling so many families with anguish who today do not know the whereabouts of their loved ones,” he concluded.

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