PRD primaries will define whether morality and decency or patronage prevail: Martín Torrijos

The primary elections of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) this Sunday will define whether morality and decency prevail or, on the contrary, clientelism imposes its candidates, said the presidential candidate of the Popular Party, Martín Torrijos Espino, in a manifesto to through their social networks.

“These primaries define whether morality and decency prevail or if clientelism imposes its candidates. In these circumstances, I have been clear in that it is necessary to differentiate between the membership of the party, and the leadership that today directs and uses it; a leadership that acts in accordance with its petty interests and its negotiated, ”stresses the former president of the Republic.

The video message adds that these leaders do not constitute the Torrijista leadership that should lead the PRD, and ensures that these primary elections, for all positions, were a commitment “that we made” in the political collective to promote democracy. However, they occur in the midst of a political, social and economic crisis in the country, as well as an even more acute conflict within the collective.

Torrijos Espino points out that the conscience of the country and the membership of the political party know perfectly well “who are the ones who have distorted the spirit and raison d’être of our PRD,” and adds that the leadership has reserved, to accommodate their group, more of a hundred positions that have been excluded from the primaries.

“It saddens us to see how members of the PRD, true Torrijistas and conscious militants, are denied the possibility of participating, of giving their contribution to the country. Added to this is the harassment and permanent threats in the effort to impose their electoral offer”, laments the candidate for the presidential throne of the PP.

Despite the fact that they have rigged the rules and the chances of competing on equal terms are nil, some candidates fight against the checkbook and the misuse of decentralization. To them, says Torrijos Espino, “my respects and wishes for success.”

He points out that Panamanian democracy should not be denigrated “to impose corruption as a political practice”, and that the selfish ambitions of those who direct and govern it should not be added to the uncertainty that exists in the country.

“These situations are what force us to propose the reconstruction of the country. Panama and its people demand unity and responsibility in decency. Panama is before each one of us; And to you, comrades, candidates or not, I hope you all, in this effort to recover our country, and then rescue our party”, concludes the message from Martín Torrijos Espino.

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