PRD and PAN ask other candidates to decline in their favor in Oaxaca and Hidalgo

PRD and PAN ask other candidates to decline in their favor in Oaxaca and Hidalgo

For his part, Marko Cortés made a “respectful” call to the MC and PVEM applicants to join Carolina Viggiano. “The call is to raise your hand to Carolina together, to vote for her together, so that there is not a wasted vote, so that there is a vote that is useful, that is decisive so that the worst of politics does not come here to the state of Hidalgo”, he highlighted.

In a joint press conference with the gubernatorial candidate of the Va por Hidalgo alliance, Carolina Viggiano, assured that all Hidalgo residents fit into this project and asked citizens not to be intimidated that if they do not vote for Morena they will be remove social supports.

“What the ravens of the nation are doing, what the morenista brigadistas are doing to intimidate the most vulnerable and those who have the least, is really despicable. What they have not been able to win with proposals, with ideas, with solutions, as Carolina has done well, they want to win with the patronage apparatus that they have from the federal government, ”she detailed.

Cortés Mendoza stressed that the Va por México coalition is ready to cover 100% of the voting booths and to defend the vote of Hidalgo residents on June 5 and achieve the first coalition government in Hidalgo.

With information from Carlos Hernandez…

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