Power generation reservoirs close June at 81.4%

Power generation reservoirs close June at 81.4%

In June the aggregate level of the reservoirs of electricity generation stood at 81.4% of the useful volume, as reported by XM, the market operator.

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The figure is 9.43 points above the level reported at the end of May 2022 (when it reached 71.97%), this continuous increase is mainly due to the rainy season that the country has had during these months, since the contributions for the month of June were 23.9% above the historical average. .

When performing the analysis by hydrological regions, the reservoirs of Antioquia reached 96.8% of their useful volume, followed by Valle with 87.6%, then Caribe with 84.6%, Oriente with 76.4% and Centro with 69.2%.

Altogether, in June sand generated 6,204.3 Gigawatt hours. On average during the month, power generation was 206.81 GWh-day, 2.22% less compared to the generation of May 2022, which was 211.51 GWh-day.

86.50% of the generation, equivalent to an average 178.90 GWh-day, was the product of renewable resources, while the remaining 13.49%, equivalent to an average 27.91 GWh-day, was from nonrenewable resources.

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By energy source, the hydraulic plants with reservoirs were the largest contributors with 85.83%, equivalent to an average 153.54 GWh-day (decreasing 2.18% compared to the previous month).


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