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March 21, 2023
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Potholes in the city: Mayor’s Office insists that tiles have completed their cycle

Potholes in the city: Mayor's Office insists that tiles have completed their cycle

March 21, 2023, 6:00 AM

March 21, 2023, 6:00 AM

especially in the center of the capital Santa Cruzsubsidence and cracking in the pavement are a headache for motorized vehicle owners.

Mild or a little more serious, the situation is repeated in the escape routes from main routes and rings, such as the lateral avenues of Parque Urbano, extension of Beni street, and also in Andrés Manso, Cañoto avenue (almost former Terminal), fourth ring and Radial 13, double track to La Guardia (between fourth and fifth ring), etc

Asked about the issue on El Deber Radio, Mayor Jhonny Fernández replied: “Why do they blame the Mayor’s Office? Saguapac is the one that opens holes in the center, not the Mayor’s Office.

Fernández added that it is necessary to understand that The tile cycle in the city has already come to an end at many points, and that is why he proposed replacing it with flexible pavement, “it was one of the fundamental solutions, but political aspects were imposed,” he lamented.

According to the mayor, the municipal management has to make fundamental improvements, and he said that the proof is that before, in the second ring all year round, it was patched, but after scraping and putting the new flex layerno more potholes.

“That’s what we wanted to do in the first ring, not patch after patch, besides Saguapac goes and opens and opens. As Mayor’s Office we do not open channels, it is Saguapac the one that opens the most ”, he insisted.

For the mayor, with the comprehensive plan, the requests for emergency permits from the cooperatives are over. He assured that now it is up to the cooperatives to deliver plan for the next five years, and on that basis the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office will make forecasts. “No longer from one moment to another, everything has to be coordinated under established norms,” ​​he pointed out.

From Saguapac they explained that they are in charge of the sanitary system, not the rainwater system, which is under the custody of the Mayor’s Office.

They added that the main cause of the problems in the sanitary sewerage system on rainy days are the cross connections“that is, rainwater discharges into the sanitary sewer system, a bad practice that deteriorates the sanitary sewer network and according to the regulations, this situation is irregular and should be sanctioned,” they said in a statement.

The causes of these problems, according to Saguapac, are the neighbors who, due to lack of knowledge, make this type of installation on a network that It is not prepared for great pressures.

Likewise, they emphasized that they are working on a preventive and corrective maintenance plan for the sanitary sewerage network, to repair all the pipes that present problems and prevent possible incidents.

“All the works carried out by Saguapac are coordinated with the Autonomous Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the entities that regulate us”, they state.

The engineers
Roly Mancilla, vice president of the Bolivian Society of Engineers (SIB), explained that when the pavement breaks, the Saguapac staff digs, finds the problem, fixes, compacts, and fills in, whether it is flexible or rigid pavement, but they questioned that they had never it will stay the same because it is a patch. “They would have to toclaw a good stretch, 3×6, and empty again, and not a patch”, he recommended.

Mancilla added that, although the pluvial network is under custody of the Mayor’s Office, maintenance is done by Saguapac.

The expert believes that the most flexible pavement is recommendedfor the well-being of the vehicles, but assured that the tiles are also an alternativesince they reduce the danger of large collapses, without prior notice.

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