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Positive cases in the government: Undersecretary Manuel Monsalve and Minister Carlos Montes encounter COVID-19

When the cases of COVID-19 are on the rise and some specialists take the arrival of the fifth wave for granted, two government authorities communicated through their Twitter accounts that they tested positive for the coronavirus. These are Minister Carlos Montes and Undersecretary Manuel Monsalve.

The first to communicate the news was the Minister of Housing and Urbanism, Carlos Montes, who indicated that “today I tested positive for Covid-19, so I will initiate isolation in my home, following the instructions of the health authority. I feel in good health and I will take all the pertinent safeguards.”

39 minutes later it was the turn of the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, who through the same social network reported that “yesterday, at the beginning of the day, I began with symptoms associated with #Covid so I suspended the agenda and took a PCR test. The result is positive. I will continue in isolation. So far I only have mild symptoms. Not to let our guard down, we must continue to take care of ourselves”.

The minister and undersecretary stated that they are in good condition and that they are in isolation, following health instructions. Given this, it is not ruled out that other government officials may also be infected.

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