Population of Yauli 'blocks' governor Maciste Díaz due to work stoppage

Population of Yauli ‘blocks’ governor Maciste Díaz due to work stoppage

The Yauli protest began against the Regional Government of Huancavelica for the stoppage of the construction of the highway that unites them with Pucapampa.

The president of the Peasant Community of Ambato, Felipe Quispe, showed his indignation at the stoppage of construction.

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“We ask for the continuity of the asphalt, they have given a liquidation to this contract, it harms the people a lot, that is why we are outraged and we come, on top of that, we have received damage with tear gas bombs,” said Quispe.

He added: “As a people we only ask that the work be continued, we are going to wait for the governor to come and say that the work be continued, until then we are going to wait.”

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The leader of Civil Construction, Wilfredo Hilario, stated that patience had run out.

“Huancavelica’s urban radio will be affected, but they have to understand that it is the fault of the authorities who, due to laziness, did not solve it in time,” said Hilario.

From early on they closed the highway that connects Huancavelica with Yauli, so hundreds of passengers had to walk to get there.

During this journey, they knocked down posts, trees, burned tires, threw stones on the road and demanded that the population join their protest measure.

Population of Yauli 'blocks' governor Maciste Díaz due to work stoppage

Around 9:00 there was a confrontation with the National Police at the door of the Regional Government, the uniformed men threw several tear gas canisters, in the afternoon, there was also another confrontation with tear gas canisters at the Exit to Lircay.

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