Financiamiento de Leasing del Popular supera RD$8,082 millones

Popular’s Leasing Financing exceeds RD$8,082 million

From January to June of this year, loans to companies and independent professionals through the portfolio Leasing of Banco Popular Dominicano they exceed RD$8,082 million with 1,563 active contracts.

Leasing or financial leasing has three modalities: business, vede and natural persons.

Of these resources, around one billion pesos are for independent professionals. While RD$670 million are with green leasing with 74 active contracts and that have an impact on the environment, this was directed to the purchase of hybrid vehicles (RD$250 million) and electric vehicles (RD$41 million) and solar panels (RD$426 million) and other sustainable projects.

Leasing is an alternative financing of assets, where the client can acquire the necessary goods both for his company and on a personal level. It is done by signing a contract, with a previously agreed residual value and paying comfortable monthly installments.

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This is used to finance physical assets such as vehicles, equipment and machinery, lots, real estate, and the client in the end has a lower amount of financing, because there is an ITBIS deduction shopping.

Popular was a pioneer in offering this financial product in 1996 and has been expanding its scope ever since. The terms for credit for vehicles, machinery and solar panels range from two years to seven years, while for real estate they range between two years and 15 years.

Details about this type of financing were provided to media representatives at a meeting held with bank executives at the Popular Tower.

The terms for the financing of vehicles, machinery and solar panels range from 2 years to 7 years, while for real estate they range between 2 years and 15 years.

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