Popular Party trains its members focused on finding solutions to problems of national interest

The president of the Popular Party, Daniel Brea, pointed out that the group is not only thinking about votes but about presenting solutions to the main problems that currently afflict the Panamanian population.

He stressed that the PP is conducting training and management workshops at the national level, aimed at its membership, with the purpose of strengthening the bases, with a view to the May 2024 elections.

To date, the regions of West Panama, Panama City, Tortí de Chepo and Chitré in Herrera have been successfully covered.

Focused on this reality, he said that: “we are permanently in contact with all the regions of the country and we believe in the proposals that the community represented in the housewife, the worker, the student, the businessman, the peasant, among others, has put forward. ”.

He stressed that the PP seeks to demonstrate with commitment, training and responsibility, that it wishes to assume the future of the country with leadership, establishing as a priority solutions to serious problems such as unemployment, the high cost of living, insecurity, health, abandonment of the countryside, possible breakdown of the CSS and the uncertain future of youth.

According to Brea, the 2024 elections are fundamental for the future of the country, for the solution of Panamanian problems, such as corruption and the play of the dominant political class, which offers promises in the campaign, which they do not fulfill when they are elected.

The PP has been founded for more than 60 years and is the second oldest party in Panama, whose membership is made up of citizens from all social strata

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