Popular Action requests the vacancy of Pedro Castillo

Popular Action requests the vacancy of Pedro Castillo

The National Plenary of the Popular Action (AP) political party, made up of all its leaders, declared today, in ordinary session, in favor of the or the constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo.

“We demand the resignation of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Terrones, as a constitutional solution to the political and misrule crisis that has been seriously affecting the economy of Peruvians and the development possibilities of our country,” the statement said.

“In case the resignation of President Castillo does not occur, Popular Action declares itself in favor of the vacancy or the constitutional complaint that is presented, demanding that the members of our caucus vote in favor, otherwise they will be subjected to the maximum disciplinary sanction. ”, states the agreement of the national plenary.

The political party founded by Fernando Belaúnde Terry considered that, more than a year after the current regime was installed, it has demonstrated its inability to resolve the country’s major problems, appointing ministers and officials without preparation and with serious legal questions.

“We regret that the President of the Republic persists in the error keeping the Prime Minister and several ministers questioned, even appointing a minister who was censured by the Congress of the Republic,” they added.

In the pronouncement, it is also ensured that no AP militant will occupy positions of ministers, deputy ministers and others of trust that have to do with the management of the government’s general policy.

According to sources of Peru21the party’s disciplinary committee agreed to request that the AP congressmen known as “The Children” request leave from their militancy until they are acquitted of investigations.


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