Polo Polo spoke of the possible loss of his seat in Congress

Polo Polo spoke of the possible loss of his seat in Congress

He also assured that they want him to lose his seat because he is making them uncomfortable from his work in the opposition: “We make them uncomfortable; we become a hindrance to their corruption. We take away their speech by showing them that there are blacks who come from below and are not resentful or victims, and they didn’t have to shed blood to get to Congress. That’s why they want to get us out. They won’t make it!”

Why do they say that Polo Polo would lose his seat?

The Decree 1640 of 2020, which Polo Polo spoke of regulated the conditions so that people in Colombia can access the guarantees issued by movements or political parties and that must belong, among others, to black and/or raizal communities.

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In that sense, whatWho aspire to exercise ethnic participation rights and representation of the black, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palenqueras, will be endorsed by a Community Council or organizational form or expression of black communities, as stated in Decree 1640.

Miguel Polo Polo’s problem, according to his opponents, is that in 2019 he was recognized as indigenous community of Gallinazo Island which is certified by the Research Group and Registry of the Directorate of Indigenous, Roma and Minority Affairsregistered with the Ministry of the Interior.

As it turned out, said application was given to be able to access a university scholarship and it would be crucial to belong to an indigenous community.

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