Politicians and officials: the Judas burned in San Juan

Politicians and officials: the Judas burned in San Juan

Politicians, civil servants or personalities such as Doja Cat and the soccer player Gerard Piqué were protagonists this year of the San Juan festivity.

The personalities became rag figures that do not have popular appreciation and are thrown into the fire.

One of the most popular traditions is the “Judas kái” (the Judas who burns, in Guaraní), in which rag dolls full of fireworks and characterized as political, celebrity or sports characters are victims of the calls.

Dolls of all colors and sizes are sold in the popular markets of Asunción and other towns, or made by popular artisans.

On this day, a doll with a photo of the face of the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, along with another identified as the former governor Horacio Cartes (2013-2018) and a figure of the attorney general, Sandra Quiñónez, were part of a protest in front of the Public Ministry headquarters in Asunción.

Social networks were no strangers to the celebration and also became the stage to propose possible «Judas kái».

One of them was the singer Doja Cat, who last March was involved in a bitter controversy with her Paraguayan fans after the cancellation of the Asunción 2022 festival due to bad weather.

There was also someone who proposed that Piqué, recently separated from Colombian singer Shakira, and actress Amber Heard be included among the rag figures that will end up at the stake on the night of San Juan. EFE

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