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Political trial against Carolina Cosse does not have the necessary input votes

File photo: LARED21
File photo: LARED21

The Senate began impeachment against the mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cosse, granting him a period of ten days to present his defense. Impeachment is a process used to remove public officials who have been accused of breaking the law or acting inappropriately. This is an issue of great importance for the country, and our team will take care to provide a complete understanding of the process.

Impeachment is a legal process which is used for remove to public officials who have been accused of breaking the law or acting inappropriately. In Uruguay, impeachment is a procedure established by the Constitutionwhich allows the dismissal of a president, vice president, senator, deputy, minister of state, prosecutor of the Nation, attorney general and members of the Court of Accounts.

What is a political trial and how does it work in Uruguay?

The political trial in Uruguay takes place in the Senate, which acts as a trial court. The House of Representatives is in charge of formulating the charges against the accused official and the Senate is in charge of carrying out the trial. During the trial, the prosecution is presented and the defendant has the opportunity to present his defense. After the evidence and closing arguments, the Senate votes on whether or not the defendant is guilty. If he is found guilty, he is removed from office.

The political trial against Carolina Cosse began after the National Party filed a complaint against her on the assumption that she had not fulfilled her duty to provide information on the financing of the Municipality of Montevideo.

The complaint was filed in September 2021 and was approved by the House of Representatives. After Cosse presents his defense, the Senate will hold the trial and make a decision on his removal. If he is found guilty, he will be removed from office and barred from holding public office for a set period of time. If he is found not guilty, he will be allowed to continue in office.

From the outset, the government coalition does not have the necessary votes because it must be approved with two thirds of the House, so it is already a process that was stillborn because it is more than common knowledge that the Broad Front will not vote for favor.

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