Ortega's "Proof of Life" of Political Prisoners Evidences the Effects of Solitary Confinement and Isolation

Political prisoners in “El Chipote” complete 46 days without visits

46 days have passed since the last time that the political prisoners detained in the Directorate for Judicial Assistance, known as “El Chipote”They were visited by their relatives. The regime of incommunicado detention and torture persists against their relatives and hostages of conscience, they demand that a schedule of visits be made to the political prisoners who are detained in the National Penitentiary System (SPN), known as “La Modelo”, of meetings every three weeks or 21 days.

Relatives of political prisoners continue to demand that they be unconditionally released because they consider them innocent. Olama Hurtado Chamorro, a relative of Juan Sebastián Chamorro and Juan Lorenzo Holmann Chamorro, explained to Article 66 that after the forced disappearance of their relatives for 90 days, when they were captured in 2021, the dictatorship allows visits every 30 or 40 days, but now the time has been longer and they fear that the regime is hiding some situation from the political prisoners.

In the Penitentiary System, the visiting regulations are every 21 days where they have the right to be visited by their relatives and children, but this is not the case that happens in “El Chipote”. “It has been 46 days since the last visit, we have not had any kind of news that we are going to have a visit soon. Every day the relatives who are going to leave water in the morning are always pressing when the visit is, but they do not know how to give us any type of response,” Hurtado said.

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For her part, Margine Pozo, wife of the journalist and sports chronicler, Miguel Mendoza, assured Article 66 that as a family they are distressed for their safety and health. “The last time we managed to see him was on August 27. We do not know how he is at the moment. A chronic patient how he cannot be without eating solid food. The hunger strike puts his life at risk », he asserted. In addition, he demanded that Alejandra, Mendoza’s eight-year-old daughter, be able to see her father, who has been in this peaceful resistance action for 23 days.

“Our demands, in addition to the immediate release of our political prisoners, but until that happens, we have demanded that the incommunicado end to which they are subjected to ceases, that this also leads to torture that goes against the Mandela rules that we have also put on the table,” Hurtado said.

Braulio Abarca, a member of the Nicaraguan Never Again Human Rights Collective, indicated that this incommunicado regime against political prisoners detained in “El Chipote” violates the Mandela Rules, the Penitentiary Regime Law and the Bangkok Rules on private persons. of freedom.

«The State of Nicaragua is disrespecting all these laws mentioned. We condemn this action that unfortunately damages human rights, both of political prisoners and their families, mainly children and adolescents who have been prevented from seeing their families, “said the rights defender consulted by this media outlet. communication.

After the passage of Hurricane Julia, Hurtado expressed that concerns have arisen because some cells where political prisoners are held are flooded, as in the case of Ana Margarita Vijil. Other enclosures present humidity in the walls that have caused several respiratory diseases and in the skin of our relatives. Nor have we been able to ascertain how their state of health is after this hurricane and what their conditions are in their cells.

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