Yuri Almenares González, preso político, Combinado del Este

Political prisoner Yuri Almenares denounces attacks in the Combinado del Este

Havana Cuba. – From the maximum rigor penitentiary center Eastern Combinedin the Havana municipality of Guanabacoa, the activist and political prisoner Yuri Almenares González denounces new violations of his rights, recently perpetrated by soldiers from that prison and officials of the prison system.

Through a phone call, the inmate announced that on December 29, 2022, he was physically assaulted by an officer of the Operations Guard known as Norberto, who dug his nails into his left wrist in such a way that it left marks on his arm.

Almenares González, who is a member of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic (MONR), explained that at noon the aforementioned officer, for no reason, gave orders to the head of unit to handcuff him. The activist emphasized that, in the face of the attack, he began to yell at the repressors. Then the officer, to keep him quiet, hit him hard on the mouth, splitting his lips.

He also denounced that as a result of the recent attack, the repression, psychological torture, and physical mistreatment against him continue. He also wanted to highlight that the prison authorities do not notify him of the decisions concerning his person, nor the measures or provisions registered in his file.

Yuri Almenares González, 41 years old, was recently transferred to building 1, where the prisoners serving longer sentences for committing more serious crimes are located.

The activist stressed that the frequent violations of human rights in building 1 occur with the approval of Lieutenant Colonel Adonis Charchabal Mejías ―director of the Combinado del Este― and the also lieutenant colonel nicknamed “Chala”, head of internal order in the National Directorate of Jails and Prisons.

After more than two years in pretrial detention, Yuri Almenares González was sentenced to seven years in prison for the alleged crime of “contempt” of the figure of the ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel. The sanction constitutes a reprisal for his posts on social networks, in which he criticized, among other issues, the deficient management of the Cuban rulers and the serious crisis affecting the country.

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