Yasser Rodríguez González

Political prisoner Yasser Rodríguez transferred from jail

HAVANA, Cuba.- From the Valle Grande maximum rigor prison, located in the municipality of La Lisa, west of the Cuban capital, several sources denounced the seizure of the belongings of some inmates, among them the political prisoner Yasser Rodríguez Gonzalez.

The events, according to the source, occurred during one of the illegal searches that the prison guards usually carry out.

According to the information received, on May 21, Valle Grande personnel carried out one of the frequent searches that they usually carry out while the prisoners are not present, and in which, according to the prisoners, they tend to appropriate their personal effects at will.

The inmates denounced that on this occasion they stole different objects from Yasser Rodríguez, such as his sleeping shorts, his correspondence and family photos, in addition to 1,000 pesos that his brother had given him to buy some glasses.

As a protest against the seizure of his possessions, the political prisoner declared a hunger strike starting that same day, they revealed.

At the time of publishing this note, CubaNet learned that shortly after, on May 27, Yasser Rodríguez was transferred without prior notice to the El Pitirre penitentiary, also known informally as 15-80, which is located on Carretera Santa María. del Rosario, in the San Miguel del Padrón municipality of the capital.

Rodríguez’s transfer was made without notifying his relatives, even though they had a visit planned for May 31.

This very week the political prisoner denounced that the prison authorities do not provide him with medical attention.

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