Political prisoner Walter Gómez loses about 60 pounds in El Chipote

Political prisoner Walter Gómez loses about 60 pounds in El Chipote

Relatives of the political prisoner Walter Gómez published a spoken portrait of the prisoner of conscience, in which the serious physical deterioration he suffers due to the loss of about 60 pounds of weight, and the chronic diseases that afflict him inside the El Chipote prison.

María Consuelo Céspedes, wife of the political prisoner, reported that since May 28, 2021, the day her husband was arrested at home without a warrant, he remains in a cell in total darkness and is only taken out once a week for ten minutes to receive sunlight.

Walter is only allowed to bring him three bottles of water and three juices, seven days a week,” Céspedes said. Their families “We are extremely concerned about his accelerated weight loss and extreme thinness. We are concerned about the potential physical and psychological harm these conditions can bring,” he continued.

Precited that her husband weighed about 210 pounds at the time of capture and now, 14 months later, It weighs approximately 150 pounds, which is why —among other things— it demanded “more humane treatment” for political prisoners.

He also demanded the immediate release and unconditional of her husband, the cessation of solitary confinement and isolation, whate allow you to deliver essential products, mats and sheets; the establishment of a schedule of visits and that they allow them to deliver reading material.

Gómez, 55, is a former employee of the defunct Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation (FVBCh), where he worked as a financial administrator, for which the Daniel Ortega regime implicated him in the case for alleged money laundering against the foundation. In March 2022, he was sentenced in a prison trial to 13 years in prison.

The spoken portrait of Gómez is part of the campaign Be human that seeks to make visible the delicate health situation in which political prisoners in Nicaragua find themselves.

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