Walfrido Piloto Rodríguez

Political prisoner Walfrido Rodríguez Isolated pilot with tuberculosis patients

Havana Cuba. – From the most rigorous prison El Pitirre, also known as 15-80, located on the Santa María del Rosario highway in the San Miguel del Padrón municipality of the capital, the political prisoner Yasser Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez denounced a series of irregularities and violations committed against the inmates in general, and particularly against the activist Walfrido Rodríguez Pilot and another 9/11 protester, also a prisoner at that facility.

According to what Rodríguez González communicated by telephone, on December 9, soldiers from that prison “hid” Walfrido Rodríguez Piloto to prevent him from being present when Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Torres Guerrero carried out the inspection.

The political prisoner also shared that the second unit chief, Major Osmani Ramírez Díaz, by order of the aforementioned lieutenant colonel, isolated the 11J protester Raxodi Arias Rosales in a cell for expressing his opinion that “everything on 15-80 was wrong.” .

According to the information, Arias Rosales, 55, suffers from a severe cold accompanied by abundant expectoration, despite which, not only have they not given him the medical treatment his condition requires, but they also keep him in a freezing cell. , they take away the mattress at dawn and do not allow him to go out into the patio to sunbathe.

Likewise, Rodríguez González announced that Walfrido Rodríguez Piloto, 54, refuses to join the collective area with the rest of the inmates for fear of being attacked by one of the inmates who collaborate with the military, as has already happened in the company. where it was before.

The political prisoner also commented that on December 22 a re-educator asked him to transfer him, to which he refused until Major Osmani Ramírez and State Security officer Nivaldo take care of providing him with the dental prosthesis and the glasses that he has been wearing for years. several months needs and claims.

He also clarified that in each company or detachment there are more than 50 prisoners together; As for the prison conditions, he stressed that not only the military address the inmates harshly; but also that the menu consists of a little of the water where the food is boiled (when there are food), two teaspoons of a paste of unknown composition that seems to be mixed with flour, less than 80 grams of rice (since the cup has decreased again to serve), and a boiled egg (before there were two). He adds that when there’s scramble it seems like they’re including rotten eggs in the mix, judging by the unpleasant stench the food gives off.

The prisoner also highlighted that there are no medicines or medical attention in the prison, and revealed that four prisoners with tuberculosis were transferred to corridor 2, the same one where they keep Rodríguez Piloto.

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