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Political prisoner threatened for exhibiting tattoo against the dictatorship

MIAMI, United States. — The political prisoner Yasser Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalezconfined in the El Pitirre penitentiary center (Havana), was recently threatened by soldiers from that facility.

Rodríguez González himself declared to CubaNet that the reason for the threats is a tattoo he got while he was still in the Valle Grande prison. The drawing in question consists of the phrase “In 1959 the revolution triumphed. From then on, all Cubans find themselves in prison”, accompanied by a map of Cuba with a padlock.

The guards threatened to open another case for his tattoos, specifically for that one, which would be the most recent, and also for another one that reads: “Down with the Castros and the communist henchmen that remain in Cuba.”

Yasser Fernando adds that some officers from the Technical Directorate of Investigations (DTI) took photos of him, including one who identified himself as a lieutenant from the Anti-Drug Confrontation Section, something with which —he emphasized— he had absolutely nothing to do.

From Valle Grande to El Pitirre

The inmate, who has his body tattooed with various phrases against the Castro regime, was transferred on May 27 to the El Pitirre prison, a maximum security prison located on the Santa María del Rosario highway, in the capital municipality San Miguel del Padron.

The change of prison was carried out without prior notice and without notifying their relatives, despite the fact that there was less than a week to go before the visit, scheduled for May 31.

Yasser Fernando Rodríguez González emphasizes that he continues the hunger strike that began in the Valle Grande prison on May 21 in protest at the theft of his belongings during an illegal search carried out on that day by the military.

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