Political prisoner John Cerna is in poor health and without medical care

Political prisoner John Cerna is in poor health and without medical care

Relatives of the university student and political prisoner John Christopher Cerna Zuniga They denounced before the Nicaraguan Center for Rights (Cenidh) that the prisoner of conscience is affected by health and without receiving medical attention in the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System of Tipitapa, where he has been held captive since 2020.

According to the human rights organization, the 25-year-old opponent’s health worsens every day; he has severe headaches, has had seizures, suffers from allergies and continues to be bothered by a dislocation of his left shoulder.

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In interview with Article 66, one of Cerna’s relatives said that although they have filed appeals for him to be treated by a specialist, the prison authorities refuse to assist him. Neither have they allowed him to bring in the medications prescribed by the neurologist, nor have they allowed him to leave the cell to sunbathe. In addition, they denounce that they have given him spoiled food.

«John (Cerna)’s situation is serious, he continues with pulmonary calcification, he has broken ribs, he is pale and he does not have access to food, because the one they took him last month was stolen by the Police. It was until this last hearing (May 6) that he was given food again », denounced the source on condition of anonymity.

Despite the confinement that Cerna suffers due to his political position, his relatives indicated that “he is putting his faith in God that all this is going to end (the violations of human rights), because nothing can be done humanly.”

Given this situation, the Cenidh recalled that it is the responsibility of the Nicaraguan State to guarantee the health, food and life of the prisoners in its custody. “We demand that you respect your personal integrity and all your rights,” he demanded.

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The Civil Engineering student was kidnapped on February 28, 2020 when he was on his way to the Central American University (UCA) where he was in his third year.

Ortega’s justice sentenced him to 12 years in prison for the alleged crime of drug trafficking. His family demands his freedom. “John was a student boy and he has not done anything during these two years because he is deprived of his freedom,” lamented his relative.

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