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Political prisoner denounces interruption of medical treatment in Guantanamo prison

Havana Cuba. – From the Guantanamo Provincial Prisonin the easternmost of the Cuban provinces, the political prisoner Ernesto Arocha Carta denounces the interruption of his medical treatment by the prison health authorities.

The inmate made known by telephone to CubaNet that on December 1, 2022 it was sent to the Agostinho Neto Hospitalin the provincial capital, due to an appendicular plastron, for which he was kept hospitalized from that day until December 7.

Arocha Carta added that while he was hospitalized he was administered antibiotics and Metronidazole, and that on the 7th, since the medical staff considered him “much better,” they sent him back to the prison to continue treatment. However, the political prisoner continued, when he arrived at the prison, Dr. Milagros Soler Planchet, who received him at the medical post, told him that there were no antibiotics or Metronidazole in that prison, and instead of leaving him admitted, she sent him back to the apartment where he is serving his sentence.

The prisoner also indicated that until December 20 he was affected by diarrhea, in addition to the symptoms corresponding to his condition, such as inflammation and pain in the area of ​​the appendix. The prisoner also denounced that in the Guantánamo provincial prison there are not only no antibiotics, but also no medications for blood pressure, gastritis, ulcers, or psychiatric disorders.

The inmate criticized the fact that, in addition to the fact that there are no drugs or medical supplies with which to treat the sick, they are not referred to specialized outpatient clinics where they could be admitted for treatment.

In a subsequent telephone communication, the political prisoner denounced that the head of the prison, Lieutenant Colonel Marcelino Bueno Tavera, threatened to suspend his right to make telephone calls for two months if he continued to denounce the violations committed in the prison.

Arocha Carta also spoke about Major Alfredo and the head chef, First Lieutenant Carlos, regarding the violations committed regarding logistics and the prison’s food regimen. In this sense, he drew attention to the deficient nutrition for the inmates, 78 of whom are underweight and malnourished.

The prisoner indicated that the prison menu does not include black beans, peas, or red beans; the food has no oil or seasonings and what they serve as soup is water from food. As he explained, this situation has been maintained for at least the four months that he has been in Guantanamo.

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