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Political prisoner denounces beating of a disabled inmate in Valle Grande prison

Havana Cuba. – From the Valle Grande maximum rigor prison, located in the municipality of La Lisa, west of the Cuban capital, the political prisoner Walfrido Rodriguez Pilot denounces the beating inflicted on inmate Daniel Legrá Nordet by officers of that prison.

The also opposition and 11J protester points out that Daniel Legrá Nordet is 33 years old and is a resident of the Habana Vieja municipality. He adds that the inmate has been handicapped since he was a child because he has been operated on for ailments in the spine, hip and legs, for which he has difficulty walking. In addition, he suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Rodríguez Piloto points out that on Friday, June 17, Legrá Nordet demanded medical attention from the group leader, an officer known as Disney, and the second unit leader, Major José Luis. The response of these soldiers was to push him down a stairway of about 12 steps and during the fall they hit him with a baton all over his body, including his head.

According to the political prisoner, the reason for the claim was that the prison authorities had not taken Legrá Nordet to the Arroyo Naranjo polyclinic, where the prisoner had to receive physiotherapy sessions three times a week, according to medical advice from the Combinado del This given that the pain in the operated leg is so strong that it prevents him from walking.

Rodríguez Piloto adds that after the beating, the doctor from Valle Grande, named Elizabeth, when examining the prisoner, found that he had very high blood pressure. For this reason, she gave him a furosemide (a diuretic). After the medical examination, officer Disney handcuffed the prisoner, so that when the medicine took effect, he urinated on himself, handcuffed.

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