preso político Alexander Díaz Rodríguez

Political prisoner Alexander Díaz Rodríguez in critical condition and without treatment in Guanajay

HAVANA, Cuba.- From the maximum rigor prison of Guanajay, in the western province of Artemisa, several inmates denounce the serious state of health of the political prisoner, opponent and 11J protester Alexander Díaz Rodríguez, held in that prison center.

According to the testimony of the prisoners, Alexander Díaz has been suffering from alarming symptoms for several weeks, such as fever, pronounced pallor, considerable weight loss, and a notable inflammation of the entire neck area, where a cyst also burst. that is oozing bloody fluid.

The sources assure, on the other hand, that he does not retain food but constantly vomits everything he eats. Alexander Díaz himself, shortly before getting worse, confessed in a telephone conversation with CubaNet that he felt extremely down, very weak, without appetite and with constant discomfort in his stomach and vomited like “coffee grounds.”

He also added that he suffered from anemia according to the results of tests that had been carried out on him.

The opponent pointed out that in recent days he was taken to an oncology consultation at the general hospital of San Antonio de los Baños. There he was examined by an oncologist specializing in endocrinology, who warned the head of the prison, as well as a nurse and a doctor from the prison who were accompanying him, that the protester had cancer, for which it was necessary to urgently admit him to the hospital to test him. examinations and determine the procedure to follow.

The doctor also emphasized that his condition required urgent treatment, and pointed out the need for a reinforced diet based on red meat, milk, yogurt and vegetables, something that they have not fulfilled in prison.

In the demonstration on July 11, 2021, Alexander Díaz Rodríguez was beaten by the repressive forces, who fractured a rib. In the Guanajay prison he was beaten, while handcuffed, in retaliation for supporting the demonstration called for November 15, 2021. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

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