Political decisions and the distancing of the people: The paralysis in the Departmental Board

Political decisions and the distancing of the people: The paralysis in the Departmental Board

After the failure of the attempt to bring to justice a few words from the mayor of the Broad Front Pedro Leyzagoyen, there is fear in the ruling party that in ordinary sessions the issue of the bulky contract that he has been signing since 2020 with the Municipality of Colonia for the transmission of official events the company of Francisco Maciel, the brother of the Secretary of the Departmental Board, Claudia Maciel.

There are media that are incorruptible, they say in the corridors of the Moreirista preserve that the Colonia Departmental Board has become, “we cannot deal with EL ECO or Crónicas del Este,” they point out in relation to Maldonado’s half-colleague who has published several articles Reviews about the department.

Power bid and elections

Among the whites themselves there is indignation, and at this time there are many contacts to try to establish a pole of anti-Moreira leaders and voters, and dispute power with 904.

Electoral times are shortened and the National Party in Cologne passes in electoral campaign position, in a movement that is growing as the next election approaches.

In this case, the following occurred: after the contract of the company run by the brother of the hired secretary of the Colonia Departmental Board, husband as well as the Director of Social Action, was publicly known, the meeting was held at the Board and at the Secretariat of the Body did not want the subject to appear to be dealt with “on tables”.

So, they took advantage of the effusive style of mayor Pedro Leyzagoyen to create a stir and adjourn the session. The edilas Norma Espinoza and Agustina Durquet were in charge of seeking the prosecution of the issue.

After so many years of covering the Departmental Board, EL ECO journalists receive the information that “they overdo it,” says a reliable source of many years.

“Here they are looking for the Chino (Hébert) Márquez thing to happen again and they send her to spearhead Norma Espinoza or the lawyer Durquet to go to court to denounce them,” they tell us, “but they didn’t give them a ball.”

It is that in the white bench they already knew that the issue of the brother of the Secretary was going to arise in the Chamber because someone gave him the information from the Broad Front, “then there was a rush to finish that session” they point out.

The paralysis of the Departmental Board

That is why the Departmental Board is paralyzed in these first months of the year, without ordinary sessions where “spicy” issues for the ruling party can arise without prior treatment and that is why the twelve white councilors voted to convene only extraordinary meetings, “because in extraordinary meeting no No topic can be dealt with outside of those agreed on in the Agenda”, they explain to us.

Unfortunately, people’s problems don’t interest anyone, they tell us, “it’s been three years to the holy button, pure intermediary room, pure session adjournment. But also in the opposition there is a lot of Moreirista mayor and a lot of weaving and driving within the 904”, they tell us.

“That night Norma Espinoza began to yell and go crazy with the idea of ​​taking Leyzagoyen to the prosecutor’s office and nobody gave her a ball. The National Party is looking for a mistake to send someone to the prosecution”, a political representative who prefers to remain anonymous told us.

There is such strong shielding from the pro-government group that it seems that the issues of the people do not matter to anyone “there are several important issues that the councilors have, but for the majority of the bench it is not important, the important thing is how we kill so-and-so , that they do not touch Carlitos and we are going to attack such ”, they affirmed to EL ECO.

“The president is disoriented because there is no strategy on the bench. (Fredis) Antúnez is going through a complex situation because they are totally removed from the problems of the people”, add the sources that contacted EL ECO. (See details of contracts below, those made in 2022 are missing)

Political decisions and the distancing of the people: The paralysis in the Departmental Board

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