Political and union organizations marched for the "democratization of justice"

Political and union organizations marched for the "democratization of justice"

Political and union organizations marched to the Courts for the “democratization of justice”


Trade union, political, social and human rights leaders and militants demanded this Wednesday the “democratization of the judicial system” to put an end to the “supreme four of (in)justice”, in an act held in front of the Palace of Courts of Buenos Aires, where the Supreme Court works.

The act also denounced and repudiated “the ban” of the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerand the progress of the case investigating the attack against him was demanded.

The protesters also denounced the attacks this Wednesday against the participants of the March to Lago Escondido and called for the freedom of the leader Miracle Room.

“We are filled with great satisfaction and great pride, for this Unit with mobilizations and acts, to demand the democratization of the judicial system and put an end to these 4 supremes of (in)justice“, emphasized the head of the Autonomous Central of Argentine Workers (CTAA) and the State Workers Association (ATE), Hugo Godoyfrom the scene of the march that was placed on the corner of the Palace of Justice, in Tucumán and Talcahuano.

Photo: Victor Carreira.

In Plaza Lavalle there were flags of the Central de Trabajadores de Argentina (CTA), the CTAA, ATE, the Classist and Combative Current (CCC), the Territorial Liberation Movement (MTL) and New Encounter.

Also present were the Federation of Social Economy Workers (Fetraes), the Judicial Workers Union (Sitraju), the Argentine Television Union (Satsaid), the Peronist Unity Movement (Mup), the National Territorial Federation (FeNaT), the Piquetero Party, the Argentine Association of Actors and the Martín Fierro National Current, among other organizations.

“We were here a year ago and at that time we were saying removal and impeachment of the judges of the Court. Today impeachment is a reality,” expressed the general secretary of CTA and deputy of the Frente de Todos (FdT), Hugo Yaskywhen remembering the first call, a year ago.

Taty Almeida Photo Victor Carreira
Taty Almeida. / Photo: Victor Carreira.

He also complained about the scandal of the alleged chats between macrista officials, media entrepreneurs and judges where “the rot of Lago Escondido” came to light and denounced that today that cause passed into the hands of “the sewer of Comodoro Py”, in allusion to the resolution regarding the chambermaid edward farah.

At the same time, he criticized “the ban” of Fernández de Kirchner and pointed out the investigation into the attempted assassination of the president, who “advances at a snail’s pace” because “they don’t want it to be known who was behind the attack,” according to evaluated.

Judge Juan Maria Ramos Padillaanother of the promoters of the march, urged that “judges begin to behave like workers and take care of their people.”

In dialogue with Télam, the judge called for “political sovereignty, economic independence and social justice” and called for the recovery of “Justice for Argentines” based on “impeachment (of the members of the Court) and a profound judicial reform”.

Nora Cortias Photo Victor Carreira
Nora Cortinas. / Photo: Victor Carreira.

Meanwhile, Godoy told this agency that the Court “is at the service of the interests of privilege” and recalled that when “the impeachment trial began, the first to come out to say they disagree are the 500 great entrepreneurs“.

“Here we are to repudiate and shout very loud Enough of judicial mafia! Enough with this nefarious judicial party. And we have to support with all our strength this impeachment trial that is being made against the Supreme Court,” he said. Taty Almeidafrom Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Línea Fundadora, at the opening of the event.

He also demanded “the freedom” of Milagro Sala and said: “What they are doing with our dear companion is inhumane.”

The person in charge of closing the event, around 7:00 p.m., was Nora Cotriñasalso from Madres Línea Fundadora, who sent their support to the protesters of Lago Escondido. “(Joe) Lewis should have been expelled from the country to get the British colony out from Argentina,” he exclaimed.

At the same time, he called for “a homeland without the mafia that ignored the fight of human rights organizations with the (ruling of) 2×1”, in reference to the resolution of the Court that in 2017 restored that benefit to a repressor.

Hugo Yasky Photo Victor Carreira
Hugo Yasky. / Photo: Victor Carreira.

In addition, in statements to Télam, he said that “it is urgent to change this Court” and expressed: “We want a Court for the people and we are going to achieve it.”

The national deputy Juan Marino (FdT) stated that this Wednesday’s act “has to be the beginning of a great mobilization campaign throughout the country” and called to “culminate with a great mobilization on March 24 to say enough to the judicial and defense mafia of democracy”

Among the speakers were also the member of the Classist and Combative Current Ramiro “Vasco” Berdesegar; the senator from Buenos Aires and general secretary of the union of newspaper vendors Omar Plaini; the general secretary of the Buenos Aires Graphic Federation, Hector “Gringo” Amichettiand the member of the Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises of San Martín Juan Ciolli.

Hugo Godoy Photo Victor Carreira
Hugo Godoy. / Photo: Victor Carreira.

The general secretary of ATE Capital, Daniel “Tano” Catalano; the general secretary of Suteba, Roberto Baradel; the Buenos Aires Minister of Labor, Walter Correa; the former head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) and member of Legitimate Justice Cristina Caamano; the Buenos Aires Ministers of Government and Women, Gender and Diversity Cristina Álvarez Rodríguez and Estela Díaz; the provincial senator Maria Reigada; the general secretary of ATE from Buenos Aires, Oscar de Isasi, and Sergio Maldonadoamong others.

“Until there is democracy in the Justice system, we are all going to continue stuck in the will of four courtiers who are creating a framework of harassment and persecution,” Catalano said.

Photo Victor Carreira
Photo: Victor Carreira.

Sergio Maldonado, brother of Santiago Maldonado, told Télam that in order for the request for impeachment against the Court to advance “The people must be united and there must be the political will to end this.”and assured that “the Court should be expanded, which is clearly a political party.”

Before the act, the artists Emiliano del Río and Gabriel Torres performed a show with popular songs, and at the beginning, the National Anthem was sung.

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