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Policyholders reject controversial project that puts the IPS health budget at risk

The recently formed Association of Insured Persons of the Social Security Institute (IPS) released its statement regarding the bill “Which establishes administrative measures for the financing of the Illness and Maternity Program of the IPS”.

From the union they expressed their categorical rejection of this bill, presented by the Colorado deputy Arnaldo Samaniego, since they consider that it is intended to indebt the pension fund in the long term under the constitution of a fiduciary charge of administration and payment, seriously compromising the Budget of Health.

As the document explains, the payment of this debt would be made in annual installments of up to 5% of the annual Budget of the IPS Illness and Maternity Program, which would entail greater difficulties in terms of resources.

With this project, a drastic reduction in the health budget would be proposed, which represents 39% of all the contributions received by the IPS. With the obligation to pay this debt, said budget would be substantially reduced automatically, they point out.

“If the current Health budget can no longer cover the expenses and demands of services in the area, how do the designers of this law intend to face the deep deficit that currently exists, if it is reduced even more? the budget?”, expresses the statement of the association of insured.

According to them, the main objective of the legislative proposal is to have funds to be able to pay the dubious debt of USD 233 million that the Social Security Institute has with providers, which has not been purged or filtered and which, according to complaints, is plagued by overbilling, delivery of expired drugs, drugs that have not been received, etc.

Likewise, they affirm that the project once again puts the IPS retirement funds at risk since, when the health budget can no longer pay the debts, once again it will be these funds that will respond to cover said debts.

The purification of the debt with suppliers, the fulfillment of the payment of the historical debt that the Paraguayan State maintains with IPS and the use of a part of the social funds of the binationals, as well as the execution of the credits that the previsional possesses by the debts of the private sector, are the main proposals of the IPS Insured Association as an alternative to the controversial project of deputy Arnaldo Samaniego.

The entrance Policyholders reject controversial project that puts the IPS health budget at risk was first published in diary TODAY.

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