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Police were alerted to the possible escape of “Gordito Lindo”: accomplices were waiting for him outside

The authorities of our country are searching for two German girls aged 11 and 10, allegedly brought to an anti-vaccine community in the country by one of their parents, without the authorization of their other parent.

Source: EFE

This was reported to Efe by the head of the Surveillance Area of ​​the Coordinator for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CDIA), Dante Leguizamón, who has supported in this case.

The girls, identified by the authorities as Clara Magdalena Egler (10) and Lara Valentina Blank (11), entered the country on November 27 of last year.

They arrived accompanied by Andreas Rainer Egler -Clara’s father- and Anna Maria Egler -Lara’s mother-, who took them “irregularly” out of their country.

Both adults, aged 46 and 35, respectively, are a couple and did not inform the other parent of the girls about the trip.

“This situation led to the processing of guardianship and parental authority processes in Germany and criminal complaints against these two people,” Leguizamón explained.

Against the adults – who cut off contact with the other parents – there is an arrest warrant with a red notice.

In the case of the girls, a yellow notification was activated, referring to missing persons.

In Paraguay, a criminal proceeding and a search proceeding were initiated by a prosecutor from the Trafficking Unit of the Public Ministry and the anti-kidnapping department of the National Police.

The Ministry of Public Defense has also assumed the processes of international restitution of the small ones.

Asked about the reasons for the trip, Leguizamón explained that the wanted adults sent a farewell letter to the other parents in which they declared themselves against the girls being vaccinated against covid-19.

Leguizamón indicated that they decided to publicize the case to request the collaboration of citizens in the search for the girls, which until now had been carried out confidentially.

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