Police version of the man who killed in Villa Juana

Police version of the man who killed in Villa Juana

The National Police issued an information this Sunday in which it explains what allegedly happened when one of its patrols gave death to a man in the popular capital neighborhood Villa Juana.

He said that a unit of the Army of the Dominican Republic (ERD), which supports the entity in preventive patrolling, “accidented” on Saturday night in the middle of a pursuit of a motorcyclist, in the sector Villa JuanaY hit three citizensone of whom died while receiving medical attention.

According to a press release, the accident occurred on Moca street near the corner of Ernesto Gómez (formerly 22), where the truck-type unit involved in the pursuit impacted the gray Toyota Runner SUV, license plate G599059, which was parked on the aforementioned road. .

However, Internet users have shared videos on social networks and have stated that the impact was not against a vehicle, but against a group of people who were sharing in the place.

The Policeman reported the identity of the injured: Fernando Martínez (Suave), Marlenny de los Santos and Ramón Antonio Báez Bueno (Momón)61 years old.

According to the report, Báez Bueno (Momón) was taken to the Plaza de la Salud, where he later died while receiving medical attention.

The law enforcement institution reported that it has initiated an investigation into the case, since prior to the accident a motorcyclist, who was allegedly traveling on the wrong road, avoided being detained by a motorized police patrol, whose members managed to knock down and flee.

After the events described above, residents of the sector set fire to the white Honda motorcycle, file 8308, property of the law enforcement institution.

The Policeman It also reported that several people are being detained for investigation purposes.

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