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Police released video of the attack at a school in Nashville, USA.

Police released video of the attack at a school in Nashville, USA.

Nashville Police released several chilling images showing 28-year-old killer Audrey Hale shooting from front doors of the Covenant School and then casually stalking the hallways with assault rifles during the massacre on Monday, March 27..

The video, released in the last few hours by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, shows Hale entering the educational institution before unleashing terror by shooting through the glass doors on the side of the building.

Once inside, Hale is seen armed with two rifles and a pistol, walking leisurely through the building that housed about 200 students from preschool to sixth grade.

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The footage shows the killer, dressed in a backwards red cap, army pants and a dark vest, entering various school classrooms and salsa through open doors, apparently searching for possible victims.

Other images released by police captured Hale Arriving at school in a Honda Fit and parking outside the building.

It should be remembered that Hale shot and killed three 9-year-old boys and three Christian school staff before police discharged him.

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According to authorities, the confrontation that ended Hale’s life occurred after that he shot at the policemen who were inside their vehicles from a window on the second floor of the school.

The two uniformed men who opened fire on Hale were identified like Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo. Englebert is a 4-year veteran and Collazo a 9-year veteran of the Nashville Police Department..


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