Police reform: Consultative Unit convened by the Government begins this Friday

The Consultative Unit for the Reform (UCR) of the police, convened by the Government, will begin this Friday. The instance will be led by the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergaraand is made up of different authorities, academics and representatives of civil society.

“This Friday we have to set the roadmap that will mark the work of the Consultative Unit for Police Reform from now on, and we believe that starting work with the processing of the bill that creates the Ministry of Security is essential” Vergara pointed out to emmol.

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“We precisely need a new institutional framework to promote the reform of the Carabineros. In fact, the Senate Security Commission has already approved the first articles of the instructions that we presented to Congress at the beginning of August,” added the authority of the Ministry of the Interior.

The undersecretary also maintained that the first priorities for the work of the Interior teams for next year have already been agreed upon. Among the axes is to be a technical, political and citizen meeting point from where the reform is maintained as a State policy.

They also contemplate reviewing the institutional design and its functions based on the role of the police forces in democratic contexts; contribute to the legitimacy of the reform process before the citizenry; be communication referents of the reform process before the media, among others.

Let us remember that the members of the Consultative Unit were presented on August 11, when the Minister of the Interior was Izkia Siches.

Its members are the following:

  • Alexandra MohorUniversity of Chile.
  • Paul CarvachoPontifical Catholic University of Chile.
  • Olga EspinozaUniversity of Chile.
  • Alexandra LuneckeAlberto Hurtado University.
  • Philip GonzalezUnited Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants.
  • Daniel JohnsonCitizen Peace Foundation.
  • Lina MarmolejoIDB Citizen Security.
  • Senator Jose Miguel InsulzaSenate Security Committee.
  • Deputy Raul LeivaSecurity Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.
  • rodrigo bustosInternational Amnesty.
  • William HerreraDemocracy and Community Center.
  • Rene JofreFoundation for Democracy.
  • Hugo EspinozaEquality Institute.
  • Galvarino AranedaInstitute of Sciences Alejandro Lipshutz.
  • Philip FontecillaCollective Course.
  • Flavia FerrettiNode XXI.
  • Maria Theresa UrrutiaJaime Guzman Foundation.
  • louis pardoLiberty Institute.
  • Governor Paul SilvaNational Association of Regional Governors.
  • Ronald von der Wethformer executive secretary for the reform of Carabineros.
  • Carolina Leitaomayor of Peñalolén and president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities.
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