Police promote brigades against insecurity in schools in Santa Cruz

Police promote brigades against insecurity in schools in Santa Cruz

The 110 Radio Patrol unit, led by Colonel Marcos Cortez and all his staff, gave start of prevention tasks in the same educational units of the private and public sector so that children are prepared to cry for help when they find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

The kick-off was given today at the Fe y Alegría La Merced educational unit, covering the primary and secondary levels with the presence of 300 parents and at least 200 students where the school brigades were formed, after receiving all distress alert guidance.

Colonel Marco Cortez stated that the work of prevention in educational centers for children and adolescents is gratifying and necessary because every day the danger grows and generates uncertainty among parents.

He said that the security plan will continue permanently to cover all educational units. Cortez assured that to teach prevention, the policeman must put himself in the place of these children and act like them.

The actions of the police officers, including Colonels Marco Cortez Pérez, Saúl Tejerina Ríos, Major Jorge Casazola Dorado, in addition to 12 students in leadership, received applause from those present.

One of the danger prevention scenes that deserved the most applause was that of the director of Radiopatrullas, Colonel Marco Cortez, when he calls a girl, teaches how to yell loudly so she is ready if she ever sees that she is in danger because only in that way will she be heard to be saved.

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