Police prevent parishioners from entering the parish of Ciudad Darío

The Police of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo prevented the parishioners from entering the parish Santa Lucía, in Ciudad Darío, Matagalpa, under siege since 7:00 am this Tuesday, August 16. The parish priest, Sebastián López, celebrated Mass in the atrium of the Church, while the faithful participated in the Eucharist from the street, guarded by riot police.

The priest delivered the host to the parishioners through a perimeter mesh, it was confirmed through a live broadcast from the Church’s Facebook account accompanied by the message: “cWe share the mass from the front of our Santa Lucía parish. Pray for us. The people live the mass from the street”.

The priest, at the end of the mass, exhorted the faithful to continue praying, to have great faith and that the Lord “is the solution of our nation.” A parishioner replied: “You are not alone, here is your people Darío with you.”

This new siege against a parish belonging to the Diocese of Matagalpa occurs in a context of resurgence against the Catholic Church by Daniel Ortega’s regime, which has kept his manager, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, in prison for 13 days and ten people. The prelate is also the apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Estelí.

This Sunday, August 14, the Police prevented two priests from the Matagalpa municipalities of Rancho Grande and El Tuma from traveling to the Cathedral of San Pedro, in the city of Matagalpa, to participate in the reception of the image of the Virgin of Fatima. One of them was visited at his parish to inform him of the blockade, and the other was returned on the El Tuma-La Dalia highway.

That same day they also captured the priest Óscar Benavidez Dávila, head of the Espiritu Santo parish in Mulukukú. Two days after his kidnapping, the regime’s police have not reported the motives and whereabouts of the prelate, who according to sources was transferred to Managua.

Police prevent parishioners from entering the parish of Ciudad Darío
This is how the Catholic faithful heard Mass this Tuesday, outside the Santa Lucía Church, which they were unable to enter due to the police blockade. Photo: Video Capture

a month of siege

The Ortega regime began the siege against the Diocese of Matagalpa on August 1, canceling its ten Catholic stations and later trying to steal the equipment of the Sébaco Catholic Radio, which caused the rejection of the people who came to the Jesús de La Divina Misericordia, where the station worked, to protect the equipment.

The Police beat the parishioners and occupied the Church for almost three days while keeping its parish priest, Ulises Vallejos, under siege.

The Ortega regime justified the confinement against Monsignor Álvarez by an investigation for supposedly “organize violent groups” and “foster hatred”, just hours after Vice President Rosario Murillo threatened those who “sow hatred or discord” that there are “laws” in the country.

After almost 15 days of police siege of the prelate who remains in the Episcopal Curia of Matagalpa and having summoned several of the faithful, the Police have not reported the status of the alleged investigative process, while ecclesial sources confirmed that they were forcing Monsignor Álvarez into exile, although he had not accepted.

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