Identifican asesinos de oficial Policía

Police officer’s killer identified

Juan José Abreu, second lieutenant of the Police, assassinated, and his wife Amelia Espaillat, wounded by a bullet.

The Alcarrizos. – The Police reported that they have identified three men who at dawn last Saturday killed a second lieutenant of the institution, injured his wife and a friend of both, in a robbery perpetrated in the Pueblo Nuevo sector of this municipality, and where one of the assailants was lynched.

The regional director of police in Santo Domingo Oeste, Colonel José D. Suarez Burgos, said that the three alleged criminals are part of an alleged gang dedicated to carrying out criminal activities.

He said that several individuals from said gang have been killed in gunfights with the Police and others in fights between gangs.

He pointed out that the investigators in charge of the case in which Police Second Lieutenant Juan José Abreu lost his life and the deceased’s wife Amelia Espaillat and his friend Starlin Moreta Báez were shot, have all the evidence that implicates those wanted by the done.

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Colonel Suarez Burgos explained that he would not go into more details, because in the next few hours they hope to conclude the investigations to reveal the identities of those wanted and others who are part of the dangerous gang of antisocials.

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