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Police kill a “criminal” while investigating the death of an officer

Police kill a "criminal" while investigating the death of an officer

The Nicaraguan Police reported that Gexson Leonel Escorcia Moreno was shot dead by officers when they were chasing him in the Los Chiles community, in San Carlos, Río San Juan. The events occurred this Tuesday, October 4, when the institution carried out a “search and capture” of those possibly involved in the death of officer Aracely Marisol Díaz Salinas.

The death of the 20-year-old police officer was recorded last Saturday, October 1, in an assault on a vehicle that was transporting the payment of the payroll of the workers of the Agro Industrial Del Río company.

Along with the deceased man, Freddy Antonio Torres Amador was also transported on another motorcycle, who was captured and placed at the order of the authorities. Escorcia Moreno’s weapon was seized with ammunition and a plastic bag with 116.4 grams of crack stone.

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“The Police Patrol gave chase to two suspicious individuals who were each on their motorcycle; one of the subjects drew the firearm he was carrying, and faced with the imminent danger to his life, a member of the patrol fired with his regulation weapon, hitting the subject who died at the scene », explains the Police in the statement No. 83-2022.

The deceased officer was part of the “Field Security Program” and protected the transfer of money. The tragic event occurred in the afternoon, in the surroundings of the Buena Vista region, when a group of subjects assaulted company workers who were traveling in the truck, license plate M 358-917, towards the Los Sábalos community. The police officer was posthumously promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

In the same events on Saturday, officer Róger Bernhard Tenorio Castro and workers from the company Eva Yaosca Cajina Canales, Julio César Gómez Espinoza, and David Antonio Sequeira were injured. Pedro Pablo Chavarría Rivas, an administrative employee of the company, also died.

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