Police kidnap opposition member Yolanda González and AUN member Juan Carlos Márquez

Police kidnap opposition member Yolanda González and AUN member Juan Carlos Márquez

The Police at the service of the Nicaraguan regime continue with their arbitrary arrests against opponents. On the night of this Saturday, May 13, he arrested without a warrant and for the second time the opposition member Yolanda Gonzalez Escobar Originally from the Países Bajos neighborhood, in the city of Masaya.

He also carried out another kidnapping against Juan Carlos Marquez, Originally from Nandaime and member of the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN).

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Regarding González Escobar, relatives denounced before Article 66 that, at 7:20 p.m., at least three police patrols surrounded the house of the 54-year-old opposition member, while she was with her relatives.

“10 agents from the Police Special Operations Directorate (DOEP) entered without authorization, while the lady was selling lotus numbers, they took her to her room and took her cell phone. They searched the entire house and did not find it, and they still said that they would take it to investigate it,” denounced a source on condition of anonymity.

The informant added that one of the officers, who identified himself as a researcher, asked the opponent why they were holding meetings at her house, “but the lady told them to find what they wanted because she doesn’t meet with anyone.

This is the second time that Yolanda González has been detained by the Daniel Ortega Police, the first time was on January 15, 2021, when the police officers accused her of having weapons in her home. She was detained for several hours at the Masaya police station before being released.

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The citizen, in addition, has been the victim of five illegal raids and a permanent police siege, so that in September 2022, the IACHR granted him precautionary measures, as well as his family.

After this second arrest, the relatives of the citizen went to ask the Masaya police station, but they were informed that the investigation is underway and that they will provide information within 48 hours.

Juan Carlos Marquez stopped when he arrived from mass

Referring to Juan Carlos Marquez, STILL He denounced, without giving further details, that the young opponent was captured at night at his home, in the presence of his mother, when he was coming from a religious mass.

Max Jerez, president of the student organization, confirmed to this media outlet the arbitrary detention of Márquez. “The Sandinista Police illegally raided his home and his whereabouts are still unknown,” said the former prisoner and political exile.

He also denounced that the Ortega dictatorship “continues with its repressive strategy, trying to end any political opposition or dissent in Nicaragua.” In turn, he said that they continue to demand the freedom of Márquez and all political prisoners in Nicaragua.

These two new arrests take place after the Ortega Police executed on May 3 a wave of kidnappings, reaching a total of 57 arbitrary arrests in 10 hoursamong whom are activists, journalists, former politicians and a priest.

Although all the detainees were released, they have to periodically go to different police stations in the country to sign in, in addition to being continuously monitored by police and paramilitaries. To date there are more than 50 political prisoners, a list that is getting bigger and bigger, after the exile, on February 9, of 222 prisoners of conscience.

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