Police investigate the death of a young man in Villa Faro

Police investigate the death of a young man in Villa Faro

The spokesman of the National Police, Diego Pesqueirareported this Friday night that this body of order, through its internal control agencies, has arranged a research in relation to the shooting death of the young man José Antonio Espinal Gutiérrez, 30, killed by two members of the National Police last Wednesday afternoon in Villa Faro, Santo Domingo Este.

The spokesman indicated that the Policeman will give a report in the next few days on the case, and that the preliminary data indicates that the young man was seized with a 38-caliber revolver, a version that has been denied by the victim’s relatives.

Espinal Gutiérrez was killed by two members of the National Police last Wednesday afternoon in an alley located on the Mendoza highway, on the corner of Quinta street.

The mother of the deceased, Josefina Gutiérrez, says that until now she has no explanation as to why her pleas and those of other relatives of the victim were not enough for them not to fire the shots that took her life.

He explains that the agents intimidated anyone who wanted to get close by pointing their guns at him, including his 14-year-old nephew, and continued to shoot at his son, who died in his arms.

It maintains that José, who was the father of four minors, was on his way to his house, which is a few meters from where he was killed, and that, despite the fact that he was not formally working due to health problems, he did not commit acts that were in conflict with the law. .

The police version indicates that José Antonio was traveling with another person on a motorcycle and was being chased by his agents, who allegedly tried to arrest them, “circumstances in which the young man attempted to retrieve a 38-caliber revolver that he was carrying and that had been refused to deliver.”

“The National Police has an ongoing investigation to establish the real circumstances in which the event occurred that was captured on video that circulates on the different social media platforms, and the general director reiterates that bad actions will not be allowed within the institution”, Pesqueira maintained in statements sent to Free Journal.

“The preliminary report of the case shows that these agents followed up on the deceased today and another person who was on a motorcycle and they indicate, always according to their version, that the person was carrying a 38-caliber revolver, which was seized from him. and, in those circumstances, he would have made gestures to shoot and refused to hand over said weapon,” said the spokesman police.

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