Police in Huancavelica commemorates its greatest hero Mariano Santos Mateo

Police in Huancavelica commemorates its greatest hero Mariano Santos Mateo

Members of the Peruvian National Police held a ceremony to commemorate the memory of their main hero, Ensign Mariano Santos Mateo.

The ceremony began at 10:00 a.m. in Plaza Bolognesi, where a monument dedicated to the police hero is installed. The ceremony was presided over by Colonel PNP Eloy Lara Bendezú, head of the Huancavelica Police Region.

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During his orderly speech, the police officer recalled the heroic act of Santos Mateo, who joined the Civil Guard of Peru at the age of 25, the same that is now known as the National Police of Peru.

Santos Mateo participated in the War with Chile defending Peru, and went down in history since during the capture of the Battle of Tarapacá he managed to capture the Colonel of the Second Line Infantry Regiment of the Chilean Army.

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This fact was recorded in a special mention in the war report, signed by Colonel Francisco Bolognesi, writing that Santos Mateo tore the banner from the hands of the enemy.

He also recalled that he was known as “El Valiente de Tarapacá”, a man who never put a price on his duty, being recognized in Law No. 23316 as a national hero, and through Law No. 29161, he was granted the honorary degree of Grand General of the PNP .

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It should be noted that, during the ceremony, the act of placing floral offerings in honor of the national hero was carried out by the invited authorities, among them the Regional Prefect of Huancavelica, the mayor of the Ascensión district and representative of the Fire Company of Huancavelica No. 56.

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