Police capture suspects of assaulting Disnorte-Dissur branch

Police capture suspects of assaulting Disnorte-Dissur branch

The National Police reported this July 1 that after almost a month of the robbery at the Disnorte-Dissur branch, located in Monseñor Lezcano; District II of Managua, were able to capture the alleged perpetrators of the assault. The detainees are Jan Humberto Caldera Vivas and Franklin Iván Obando Hernández. Both were captured by the cameras of the facilities.

“On Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 11:30 in the morning, the National Police was informed through the 118 emergency line, by the citizen identified with the initials EVR; of robbery with intimidation (assault), committed by individuals with a firearm in said branch,” the Police detailed.

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The institution indicated that after the victims’ complaint, the police technical team, made up of Judicial Assistance officers and Criminalistics Experts, “went to the scene, interviewed witnesses, applied canine technique, carried out inspections. In addition, they made the photographic fixation of the scene, they collected fragments of skin prints to carry out a fingerprint examination.

The suspects are called Jan Humberto Caldera Vivas and Franklin Iván Obando Hernández. Photo: Official media

The police report details that the alleged assailants intimidated the branch workers and proceeded to steal cash from the branch’s collection boxes. The men fled, traveling on a blue Bajaj motorcycle, license plate M 28924.

Among the evidence they occupied; «a firearm, revolver type with 6 units of 38-caliber ammunition, brand Pucará, stolen from the security guard of the branch, a motorcycle used to transport the criminals on the day of the event, a black protective motorcycle helmet, with legend on the front where it reads “x one”».

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According to the investigations, there was a coincidence of fragments of skin prints collected at the crime scene with fingerprints and palm prints of the suspects. In addition, the interviewed witnesses recognize the detainees.

A video circulated on social networks dated June 9 in which two subjects robbed the energy store. In the shot it is observed that one of them entered carrying the motorcycle helmet in his hand, but then put it on when another subject entered and they pointed a gun at the security guard. The security guard gave his statement at the police complaints office, because he was able to see the first assailant at the time he entered the branch of the electricity distributor.

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