San Antonio de los Baños, Yosvani Martínez Moreira

Police arrest opponent who protested against blackouts in San Antonio de los Baños

GUANTANAMO, Cuba. — Agents of the Cuban State Security arrested this Wednesday in San Antonio de los Baños the activist Yosvani Martínez Moreira, coordinator of the Union for Free Cuba Party (PUNCLI) and the Emilia project in that municipality of the province of Artemisa.

Juan Luis Bravo Rodríguez, a member of both opposition organizations, told CubaNet that he arrest It occurred shortly before midnight while Martínez Moreira was playing a casserole in his home together with fellow activist Yoan Álvarez Rubiera.

The opponent – adds the source – was arrested and transferred to the San Antonio de los Baños police station.

The activists carried out the cacerolazo after remaining without electricity for 16 hours.

Other locals joined the protest of the opponents. The demonstrators demanded that the Castro regime guarantee the fuel for the generation of electricity in the country.

At the closing of this information, the legal situation of Yosvani Martínez Moreira was unknown.

“Yosvani’s arrest is a very great injustice. It is not about a human rights activist arrested for protesting, it is about a protest in which the people of San Antonio de los Baños participated. We will remain vigilant and in protest demanding the release of our detained brother,” Yoan Álvarez declared.

Yosvani Martínez Moreira was one of the protesters on July 11, 2021 (J11) in San Antonio de los Baños. Due to his participation in the protests, he remained under a precautionary measure of house arrest until last January, when he was favored with a change of measure.

In addition to a fine of 3,000 Cuban pesos, the opponent was punished by being banned from leaving his province.

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