Police and Port Company dismantle offices of businessman Milton Arcia, on the Island of Ometepe

Police and Port Company dismantle offices of businessman Milton Arcia, on the Island of Ometepe

The maritime businessman Milton Arcia denounced that on the morning of this Thursday, July 6, the Daniel Ortega regime, through the Police and the Nicaraguan Port Company, evicted him from his offices, located on the Island of Ometepe.

Speaking to Article 66the former presidential candidate, for the collaborationist Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC), confirmed this new action against him.

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“The entire port is taken over by Police and Port agents. They came with machines to tear up offices and warehouses,” explained Arcia concisely, who assured that he will proceed to defend himself “by legal means.”

He added that the port has an investment of more eight million dollarsHowever, he did not specify what arguments the police authorities gave him to take over his facilities.

Police and port company dismantle offices of Milton Arcia on Ometepe Island

A source consulted by the newspaper La Prensa said that on March 28, agents from the Directorate of Special Operations (DOEP) evicted the workers from the offices, however they continued working in a warehouse.

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“They – the Police – seized the entire area of ​​the offices, they have had control of the offices and today they came to evict the workers from the warehouse where they were and now they are dismantling the structures,” the police detailed. fountain.

He also said that at approximately seven in the morning a backhoe machine entered that is moving materials from the port area and they proceeded to dismantle the administrative office and the waiting room, while the furniture was transferred to the Municipal Mayor’s Office.

What does the Coastal Law say?

Regarding the Law for the Development of Coastal Zones, chapter IV of the Coastal Zone and its Limits, and which according to Arcia has complied, states that “the area that includes where the maritime coastal zone for public use ends plus two hundred meters towards the mainland, and in the lakes it will be governed in accordance with Law No. 620, “General Law of National Waters” and Law No. 217, “General Law of the Environment and Natural Resources”».

It adds that the “State exercises its domain (…) whose use will be determined by the Coastal Zone Development Plan, which will take into account the geomorphological conformation of our coastal zones and will be governed according to conservation criteria.”

The businessman Milton Arcia confirmed the dismantling of his offices
The businessman Milton Arcia confirmed the dismantling of his offices

It also refers that the uses in this area will be oriented to the construction and operation of tourist services with permanent works, the construction of berths for tourist marinas in areas that are permissible.

Likewise, the construction of homes for recreational and family use, crops and plantations for subsistence is allowed, preserving all environmental protection measures, without prejudice to what is established for transit easements.

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In previous years, the businessman has denounced actions of the dictatorship against him. In 2015, the Nicaraguan Port Company (EPN) tried to evict him from the El Diamante Shipyard.

After the 2021 presidential elections, where Daniel Ortega was elected for the fourth consecutive time, Arcia remained distant from politics, however, he is once again in the news after this new onslaught of the dictatorship.

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