podcast |  The Ortega massacre against the April Rebellion, let there be justice!

podcast | The Ortega massacre against the April Rebellion, let there be justice!

At least 355 people were killed in the context of the repression of civic protests in Nicaragua, between April and July 2018, among them, 19 minors. After four years, the State continues to deny the victims’ right to the truth, fostering a climate of total impunity. For demanding justice, relatives of victims have faced reprisals and persecution, having to leave Nicaragua to protect their lives.

In this podcast from CONFIDENTIAL Radio, We talked with the relatives of victims of the repression, Fátima Vivas, mother of officer Faber Antonio López Vivas, murdered on July 8, 2018; Sofía Mayorga, mother-in-law of Humberto Parrales and grandmother of Noel Calderón, assassinated on May 16, 2018, and Jean Merlo, brother of Johnson Merlo, assassinated in Managua on June 14, 2018. The relatives recount the difficulties of exile and how the freedom they enjoy in a foreign country allows them to continue demanding an end to impunity in Nicaragua.

Fatima relates that going into exile was not in her plans. She left Nicaragua in 2018, along with his youngest son, due to the siege against her. She currently lives in Spain and participates in the Mothers of April Association.

In December 2018, after constant harassment by the National Police, Sofía Mayorga left her home and her job to protect her life in Costa Rica, from where she continues to demand “justice and for the dictator to leave.”

Jean Merlo went into exile in Costa Rica after being the victim of a kidnapping perpetrated by hooded supporters of the regime, in August 2018. “I plan to return, because I know there will be justice,” says Merlo, in this special episode. Press play!

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