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Podcast The Damned: The anti-blackness of Castroism

Madrid Spain.- Latent racial discrimination in Cuba from government structures was addressed in chapter 13 of the podcast The Damned, based on the testimonies of mothers of black political prisoners, who because of their skin color are victims of greater abuses.

During the Programproduced by CubaNet and led by the journalist Maite Luna and the activist Marcel Valdés, the situation of these people, who have fewer opportunities in Cuba and the violation of their human rights is even worse, was analyzed.

Milagro Escobar, Jenny Taboada and Niurka Rodríguez, mothers of political prisoners Yordan Manuel Escobar, Duani León Taboada and Yunaikis Linares, respectively, were invited to this space.

Milagro Escobar denounced that her son, who recently turned 21, was beaten by four guards from the El Guatao prison last week, when he was due to be transferred to the prison for the elderly.

“They hit him as a ‘farewell’, as mockery. (…) What has happened to my son is abusive”, lamented the lady.

He also explained that Yordan Manuel Escobar has been denied the benefits that already correspond to him, such as parole or transfer to a labor camp.

The woman also said that she cannot pay the high prices that the lawyers ask for in order to appeal the two-year prison sentence.

For her part, Jenny Taboada denounced the inhumane conditions suffered by her son, sentenced to 14 years in prison for the alleged crime of sedition.

“I do not believe that justice is done from the legality. As a mother I feel cheated since my son was detained. I don’t expect anything good, “she said.

Just as he considered that Duani León Taboada is innocent “because it is a citizen’s right to go out to protest and express himself freely.”

“The July 11 protests were peaceful and now they want to disguise them as violent. After Díaz-Canel’s order to combat, the violence was generated, and then now the bad guys were the civilians,” recalls Taboada.

While the mother of the young Yunaikis Linares said that her daughter was given a “blocazo by the sword”, for which she should “be compensated”, instead of being unjustly detained.

“My daughter did not attack anyone to spend eight years in prison. It was they (State Security) who attacked her people. I don’t understand how they can attack her own people with the misery we are going through,” said Yunaikis’s mother.

The most recent broadcast of Los Condenados was also attended by Marthadela Tamayo and Osvaldo Navarro, representatives of the Citizen Committee for Racial Integration in Cuba.

Tamayo and Navarro analyzed the panorama of discrimination against the Afro-descendant population; a generally more vulnerable group, which comes from impoverished neighborhoods and when they decide to demonstrate they tell them, “you owe the Revolution what you are.”

“In Cuba there is a very strong structural racism. The government does not tolerate black people demanding their rights,” the activists asserted.

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